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Calze Olona S.r.l., established in 1964, is located since 2008 in the new facility in Locate Varesino in the province of Como, where it produces a large range of graduated compression elastic hosiery for the care and prevention of the varicose veins.

Calze Olona Srl. company offers its own production in private label to Italian and foreign companies which deal with orthopaedics, pharmacies, parapharmacies, shelters, rehabilitation centres and hospitals.

Calze Olona Srl facility is more than 2700 mq, with modern machines.  The whole hosiery production is done inside the facility, only the dye process is done outside. The management of the entire production allows to produce large quantities at a very high quality.

The wide range of graduated compression elastic hosiery includes:

  • Pantyhoses, pregnancy pantyhoses, hoses, thigh-highs, woman and man knee-highs;
  • In the 40, 70, 140, 180, 280 deniers and K1 microfiber;
  • In the smooth knitting and net knitting.

The several kinds of manufacturing with different yarns deniers allows to produce elastic hosiery with different compressions:

• From the light mm Hg 7-9, to the high compression mm Hg 25-30.

The wide range of articles allows customers to customise their own products according to the needs of their own final markets.

Calze Olona Company S.r.l. always looks for new partners with whom start important business cooperation.